Successful coup d’état in the US ends in power chaos

Amazing things are happening these days in Washington and the entire American global empire, Pax Americana

Successful coup d'état in the US ends in power chaos
Of course, hell was unleashed under the feet of the liberal Western elite during the flight of the United States Army from Afghanistan, but the malfunctions began much earlier. The Kabul bloodbath simply highlighted all the problems that had previously been invisible to the general public. Or rather, they tried not to show them to the public.

Now not only is the right-wing opposition press in the U.S. and Europe stigmatizing the losers in the White House, but the liberal mainstream media is openly talking about the many crises that have erupted under the Democrat Party.

We find no control over inflation, a growing migrant crisis on the southern border, record breaking urban crime rates, and no diplomatic successes but failures. Take, for example, the two public scandals at the State Department negotiations with their Chinese counterparts, first in Alaska and then near Beijing.

Of course, the operation to withdraw troops from Afghanistan also revealed a great deal. The incoherence of federal agencies and NATO military contingents, the abandonment of American citizens and Afghani volunteers, the badly written speeches for Biden – all this made a depressing impression. Of course, first and foremost because it was a defeat and a running away on live television. That’s something few people forgive. But just as much the world’s elites and the international public were affected by how inept and incompetent Washington appeared to them.

Of course, the media picture has changed, which has aggravated the situation. But that is the point! Previously the unanimous endorsement of any liberal establishment action by the mainstream media was one of the main trump cards of the Biden administration and the entire US Democrat Party. Control of the so-called free press by one political force was not to everyone’s liking, but it was a power factor. A factor that no longer exists.

How did a liberal coalition that swiftly and assertively seized power in Washington in 2020 suddenly begin to fall apart? The arrival of the Biden administration in the White House was presented as a “return to normality”. The “chaotic and unpredictable” Trump was replaced by professionals. They are, we were told, compact, competent, pragmatic and uniquely experienced. Yes, what they do is not to everyone’s liking. But they know what they are doing.

And it seemed that this was entirely true. Biden himself has been in Washington for more than 40 years. Most members of the government in positions of responsibility had worked under Bill Clinton. Then they were at the helm of the country and the world with President Obama. Moreover, they were all well-educated people with solid mentors. Moreover, they were undeniably successful in their endeavours. Their aspirations may be condemned (and with good reason), but they delivered. Now it is as if they have lost all qualifications in an instant.

Nor should it be forgotten that the Democratic Party has been demonstrating exceptional discipline and cohesion in its ranks for all these decades. Therefore with their man in the White House and a majority in both houses of Congress, the Democrats could at least pass the laws they needed. Particularly to ensure a long one-party rule, which was the original plan.

There is a lot to be done: electoral reform (so that voting procedures are almost the same as in 2020, plus giving control of the process to Congress), changing the immigration system, making the federal district of Columbia the 51st state and the territory of Puerto Rico the 52nd, expanding the Supreme Court and filling it with liberal judges, and passing the second part of the infrastructure bill (worth $3.5 trillion), related not so much to infrastructure but to radical social engineering designed to change America’s.

Surprisingly, this too has yet to be done. Congress returns to Washington after another recess and faces an uphill battle over raising the US debt ceiling. The Federal Reserve said back in August that despite all the emergency action it is taking, money in the coffers will run out in October and November. As a rule, raising the debt ceiling is not easy. Various political forces and special interest groups are trying through their congressmen to link further borrowing (and thus the continuation of the “printing press”) with decisions that are important to them. There is no doubt that it will be the same this time, especially since the next number in the programme is the already mentioned infrastructure bill, which contains so many “green” projects and measures to support all kinds of minorities, that the Republicans are unlikely to want to start a new round of emission for their sake.

Yes, the Democrats have a majority in both houses of Congress. But there are two problems here. First, in order to pass important legislation, a qualified majority of 60 out of 100 votes in the Senate, rather than a simple majority, is required. Of course, this rule can be changed by voting for such a change with a simple majority. However, the White House is signalling to lawmakers that they should not hurry with such a “nuclear” (as it is called in Washington) measure. Is it because there is no certainty about the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections?

Secondly, there are renegades in the party. The entire American press is now writing about Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who has openly declared his unwillingness to vote for the “green” part of the infrastructure bill. Even the intervention of Vice President Kamala Harris will not help. Of course, you can win over a few swinging Republican senators like Mitt Romney, but the dissatisfaction with establishment politics does not only come from Trump Republicans or moderate centrist Democrats. The left-wing ultras are unhappy too. Old Man Sanders was not even given the post of Secretary of Labor, a mere trifle. The administration’s socio-economic bloc is made up entirely of “proven” people, veterans of the Clinton White House, and not at all of the leftists who helped Biden into the Oval Office in the first place. And that, too, is beginning to be a problem because it is people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not Biden, Harris or Jennifer Psaki, who own the minds of the street and the youth of the metropolises. They are rocking the boat for their own reasons – they don’t think the current administration is radical enough.

And by the way, what happened to the so-called Alliance of Democracies? A summit of this new international “institution” was promised by Biden this autumn. But not even an announcement of the forthcoming grandiose event (which it was supposed to be) has been heard so far. Even worse, the countries of the Old World have started to talk about independent steps in both foreign and domestic European policies. We are all well aware that this is not the first time such statements have been made in Berlin, Paris and Brussels and they usually mean nothing. But it is one thing to threaten “European autonomy” when the “impossible” Trump is in the White House, and quite another when “professional and agreeable people” are back in power. Such statements today are akin to a “black mark” to the global bosses.

One gets the impression that the liberal coalition, having staged a successful coup d’état (albeit through electoral procedures), has no idea at all what to do with the power it has seized. The “return to normality” has turned into complete chaos. The triumphant march of the “returning adults” has suddenly stumbled and devolved into an inept stomping on the spot. Even the “guilty party” for the failures has not been appointed.

This does not mean that the global establishment cannot pull itself together and start to put order in at least those countries that it considers liberal democracies. Mainstream media chiefs can still be called on the carpet (virtually, as is their tradition) and “called to order. Party functionaries could also be disciplined. It is not too late to convene a summit of democracies. This requires just what Joseph Biden repeatedly said about unity. At least within the administration. Judging by how often the president repeats this mantra, unity is nonexistent. First of all because there is no clear understanding of what today’s America, today’s West, is all about.

Liberal elites, while fighting Trump and populist forces in Europe, have become so involved in destroying everything that was the foundation of Western civilization that today it is not at all clear who will fight the “autocracies” of the world. A society with forty-six genders? People who consider their own history as a history of slavery? Citizens of the world engaged in post-industrial occupations? Or perhaps all those who have been deeply offended and deeply angered by the Democrats in their struggle for power? I think attempts at “unity” will be made after all. There is, after all, too much at stake. But these attempts will certainly have nothing to do with democracy or the law. The screws will have to be tightened in earnest.

So Trump’s overthrow has not moved America away from the brink of civil war, but instead has pushed “Grad on the Hill” into a serious internal conflict. Such a conflict is simply necessary for the Washington elite to regain at least some of its lost credibility. And here we should be especially careful: Lately, foreign policy issues have too often become a tool in the internal struggle in the United States and the West as a whole.

Dmitry Drobnitsky, VZGLYAD


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