Political scientist Rahr talks about Germany’s failed transition to green energy

Announced in the European Union course to abandon traditional energy sources (coal, gas, nuclear energy) actually showed its complete failure. The energy derived from wind and solar panels is not even enough to cover the needs of the European, and especially the German, utilities system. Industrial production is already out of the question. As a result, the “environmentally friendly” goals, as they are called in the FRG, remain only words on paper, and in fact the Germans have not even been able to give up using hard coal

Political scientist Rahr talks about Germany's failed transition to green energy

German political analyst Alexander Rahr said in an interview to Vremya Pokazhet TV program that the declarations of German leaders saying that the country would stop using even natural gas in 20-30 years were nothing but an empty shell, as the reality turned out to be much harsher than the speculative calculations of European ecologists from the economy.

“Now comes one shocking piece of news after another. Firstly, it turns out that Germany is still drowning in coal more than anything else. The windmills are not working properly: there are too few of them, and there has been no wind this year, so the electricity has not reached the industry”, –  said the expert.

According to Rahr, the demand for natural gas is still high and, moreover, it is not declining, it is even growing. In fact, natural gas is now the most economically feasible source of energy after the phase-out of nuclear power plants.

“All these problems are there and gas is needed. I don’t know if this winter will be that cold, in all likelihood, yes. Either way, we definitely need more gas. But politicians are afraid to admit this openly because the election campaign is in full swing, a new chancellor will be elected in a fortnight. And all parties except the Alternative for Germany are saying that we have to give up gas, oil and coal and switch to renewables”, –  the expert explained.

But German business cannot afford political games and is demanding that the German government, present and future, intensify the development of the natural gas power plant system as it is necessary for the development of industry and economic growth in Germany.

“The industry is howling because the factories cannot work properly. They are demanding gas and want the whole economy to switch to gas power stations now that the phase-out of coal is underway”, –  said Alexander Rahr.


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