NATO powerless against Russian electronic warfare means

According to a military expert, Russian electronic warfare means are capable of disabling any weapons systems of the Alliance countries

NATO powerless against Russian electronic warfare means

As Narodnye Novosti reports, Alexander Perengiev, Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology at Plekhanov Russian Economic University, member of the expert council of “Officers of Russia” said that NATO is seriously concerned about Moscow’s success in creating means of electronic warfare. According to the expert, Russia may disable in one fell swoop the weapon systems of the North Atlantic Alliance located near the Russian borders. This explains the dissatisfaction of the West with the ongoing Russian-Belarusian exercise West-2021.

“The West sees that we can simply shut down all its mechanisms that are near our borders. That is why foreign states are constantly whining. And if that happens, it means we are doing everything right. After all, if our exercises were laughed at, in this case we would have to strain ourselves, but if concern is shown, then everything goes according to plan”,  – the expert explained.

Perengiev stresses that the ongoing maneuvers are only Russia’s response to aggressive actions of NATO countries, which are trying to play with their muscles in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Union State.

“Earlier it became known that during the active phase of the Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad-2021, the mobile REB group of the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District carried out suppression of radio communications of the advancing forces of the conventional enemy. The Russian electronic warfare specialists carried out an electronic strike on enemy radio communication lines, suppressing about 100 objects of radio-electronic influence”, –  the Federal News Agency reported.


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