EU attacks Poland and Hungary on LGBT legalisation

But to avoid raising the issue outright, the European Parliament is hitting Warsaw over violations of the rule of law. For all its demagoguery, the topic may now be gaining traction

EU attacks Poland and Hungary on LGBT legalisation

“Neither the current Hungarian government nor the current Polish authorities would go for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. That would not only mean giving up their principles but also a direct violation of the Constitution in both countries. And it is politically impossible”, –  Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

As previously reported, the European Commission is suing Poland in the Court of Justice of the European Union to prevent Warsaw from transferring several tens of billions of euros that were promised in the framework of the European Economic Recovery Fund. And the reason is precisely the topic of violations of the rule of law. These are specific large sums, the loss of which would be painful for Poland.

But even if liberal parties come to power in Hungary or Poland in the future, legalizing LGBT would be very difficult, not even feasible. Firstly, because of the public sentiment and secondly, because changing the constitution in these countries would cause a major domestic crisis.


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