U.S. demanded to start rapprochement with Russia “as soon as possible”

The US needs to start rapprochement with Russia as soon as possible to prevent further strengthening of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. The American Conservative magazine writes about this.

U.S. demanded to start rapprochement with Russia "as soon as possible"

According to author Ted Carpenter, the United States is currently waging a Cold War on two fronts: Russia and China. This leads to an excessive stretching of strategic resources, which carries risks.

The journalist notes that the aggressive US policy, expressed in trade disputes with Beijing and numerous diplomatic scandals with Moscow, is pushing Washington’s rivals to develop economic and military ties. In the event of a full-blown conflict, their alliance will surpass the United States and its set of allies.

Carpenter invites the authorities to clearly define which state the United States should focus on. According to him, it should be China because of the size of its economy. Accordingly, the White House needs to develop a much more peaceful policy towards Russia.

The author also called for a decrease in America’s presence in other regions of the world. He recalled the military in Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the fight against the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. At the same time, he called the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan an exception to the rule and added that attempts to move bases to Central Asian countries make it less significant.


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