Small parties of Germany called for an alliance with Russia

Germany’s small parties have raised the Russian issue in a debate ahead of the Bundestag elections.

Small parties of Germany called for an alliance with Russia

It is noteworthy that until now the topic of Berlin’s relations with the Kremlin has not been discussed. The extreme left and extreme right parties have spoken in favor of rapprochement with Moscow. Representatives of the liberal and conservative forces, on the contrary, propose to follow the course of sanctions pressure on Russia.

Building a constructive dialogue with Moscow was favored by the fact that Russia is an important geostrategic player. The chairman of the parliamentary group “Alternatives for Germany” Alice Weidel called for the lifting of all restrictions on Russia.

It should be noted that the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not plan to take part in the upcoming elections. She spoke for the last time before the Bundestag on 7 September, the National News Service reports. In her address, the German politician raised the issue of combating climate change. Special attention was paid to countering terrorism.


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