Russian political scientist told how Westinghouse’s visit to Ukraine will end

If power units are to be built in Ukraine, it will be the private American company Westinghouse. This is not exactly the same thing, it does not mean that the US government will do this on a charitable basis.

Russian political scientist told how Westinghouse's visit to Ukraine will end

The well-known Russian political scientist Sergei Mikheev told about this in an interview with

Earlier, Energoatom and the American Westinghouse Electric Company agreed to build a new power unit at the Khmelnitsky NPP and four more units in Ukraine. The total cost of the project is up to $30 billion.

The political scientist explained that Ukraine is only one part of such a global competition between Westinghouse and Rosatom and the Russian nuclear industry, with those facilities that were built in Soviet times or already in the post-Soviet era.

“The only question is that even before Poroshenko, before 2014, we tried to do this several times, and it turns out that the fuel elements that supply fuel elements, and Westinghouse products do not combine well with Soviet reactors, and because of this, several times had to be stopped in an emergency. Therefore, we decided to try to shove in something that is not crammed – it is too dangerous, but let’s make it so that we will build new power units, which will be completely built by Westinghouse”, Mikheev pointed out.

Therefore, there is some interest in the United States, but in Ukraine an incredible sensation is being fanned out of this, although in reality this is a small-town story with a rather limited potential, the source said.


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