Gas prices hit records: Europe reminded of Putin’s proposal for long-term contracts

At one time, the European Union reacted rather coolly to the idea of ​​concluding long-term gas contracts with Russia, in which a fixed price for blue fuel would be established. Today, when the cost of 1000 cubic meters of gas at European hubs beats every conceivable and inconceivable record and has already reached the $950 mark, many Europeans are beginning to bite their elbows.

Gas prices hit records: Europe reminded of Putin's proposal for long-term contracts

According to Narodnye Novosti, political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky recalled how Russian President Vladimir Putin at one time warned European consumers against switching to the market principle of gas price formation, but then this proposal was rejected, allegedly due to fears that in this way Russia would bind to Europe. Today, when prices on the stock exchange are several times higher than under the contract, everyone is convinced that the Russian leader is right.

“Putin has warned that long-term contracts are the right bees. The question is, is there a difference between a little over $200 and $800? Four times”, the expert said.

In addition, the obstruction of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline under US pressure from some European structures and individual countries also played a cruel joke on the Europeans. The German Federal Grid Agency recently announced that the certification of a new pipeline could take about 4 months.

“In four months it will already be winter, both Catholic and our Christmas will already be over. It is very interesting what will happen if Europe does not speed up the process”, the political scientist remarked ironically.


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