Media: FBI plans to oust Montenegro’s president

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has announced its intention to fight organised crime in Montenegro, which, according to the agency, enjoys political and financial support from the state. This was reported by the portal “In4s”

Media: FBI plans to oust Montenegro's president

According to political scientist and historian Vladimir Dobrosavljevic, with this statement the FBI has clearly demonstrated its attitude towards Montenegrin President Milo Dukanovic.

“Since 2017, ships with large shipments of cocaine, coming from distant countries, began to arrive in Montenegro. These dirty deals began to threaten financially all of the Balkans, but also great powers like the United States. The FBI has long harassed the President of Montenegro, and an investigation to be opened against him could seriously endanger the head of state”, –  said the political analyst.

Dobrosavljevic stressed that the overthrow of Montenegro’s president and his political and criminal associates could come at a time when the FBI will send agents from several countries to the country with the aim of eradicating crime in Montenegro permanently.

“Specially trained agents will monitor the flow of dirty money that goes into the coffers of politicians and criminals in this country and how it is legalised. The information they may have obtained could put an end not only to the clans supported by Montenegro, but also to the head of this country”, –  says the political analyst.

According to the FBI, the criminal groups assisted by Djukanovic are involved in passport and security device forgery, theft, various types of fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution and extortion.


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