Kuleba says Biden promises not to abandon Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said that the United States will not “abandon the country face to face with Russia”

Kuleba says Biden promises not to abandon Ukraine

The diplomat said this in a conversation with the British edition of The Independent, Interfax-Ukraine reported. According to Kuleba, United States President Joe Biden has promised not to abandon Ukraine in its “epic” fight with Russia.

“We diplomats are taught to read through the many layers of each line. I think the US president is open to working with us and understands that the previous administration dragged us into US domestic politics. He said he would not leave Ukraine alone to face Russia and that’s a very important commitment”, –  he said.

The funny thing is that in the same interview Kuleba also talked about Ukraine’s disappointment with the West. Allegedly, Kiev no longer believes him. The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs even suggested that the country be turned into a paramilitary state following the example of Israel.


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