It is all coming: political scientist assesses the likelihood of war between Ukraine and Russia

The bellicose rhetoric increasingly heard from the mouths of Kiev politicians is aimed at provoking a real armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this is the opinion of political observer Yuri Dudkin

It is all coming: political scientist assesses the likelihood of war between Ukraine and Russia

As Narodnye Novosti reports, speaking on the air of the First Independent TV channel, military and political expert Yuriy Dudkin said that it was unfortunately impossible to completely rule out a negative scenario. Especially since this is exactly what Ukraine is trying to do, hoping once again to appear in the eyes of the West as a “victim of aggression”.

“It makes one’s hair stand on end what our statesmen are saying. Time will tell in terms of whether or not there will be a war, whether or not there will be a confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. But judging by the behaviour of official Kiev, this is exactly where things are heading. The only thing I don’t understand is in what format it will be. Because if Mr. Danilov with his veterinary education has no idea what a modern war is, and he thinks in terms of the mid-40s of the XX century, I have a very clear idea what a modern war is, especially between such “monster” as the Russian Federation and Ukraine”, –  said Dudkin.

In the expert’s opinion, the Ukrainian leadership is pushed to take such reckless steps by a delusion that if anything happens the West will come to the rescue. But this will not happen, moreover, the hypothetical conflict would be short-lived and end not in Ukraine’s favour.

“This war would last only a few hours, maybe even minutes – using the most modern means of weaponry. And, I stress, with minimal personnel losses, because Russia possesses high-precision weapons”, –  the political scientist stressed.

Dudkin is convinced that the actions of the Kiev authorities indicate political agony and exhaustion of other methods of attracting international attention.

“If we talk about politics, then, of course, Ukraine is agonising at the moment. I mean power. Only a person with a sick imagination can talk such nonsense, declare the General Staff of the Russian Army and the Main Intelligence Directorate as terrorist organisations, and try to bring it to the UN,” – is convinced the political scientist Yuri Dudkin.


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