Experts Leonkov and Podberezkin assess US general’s statement on war with Russia and China

Military expert Alexei Leonkov and Director of the Center for Military and Political Studies of MGIMO Alexei Podberezkin commented on the words of US General John Haiten about a hypothetical war between the US and Russia or China, RT writes

Experts Leonkov and Podberezkin assess US general's statement on war with Russia and China

Earlier, the deputy head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General John Hyten, spoke about the possible consequences of an armed conflict with Russia and China.

Podberezkin noted that the Americans regularly conduct research on a hypothetical war with Russia and its consequences. According to him, back in the middle of the last decade, experts came to the conclusion that an armed conflict between the United States, Russia and China would lead to catastrophic consequences.

Leonkov noted that “in the US and NATO doctrinal documents, Russia and China were designated as military adversaries.” In his view, Haiten’s words can be seen as a kind of conclusion, according to which, if one continues to “talk from a position of strength,” Russia and China will only get closer.

“I think they have decided to cool the fervor. Before Putin’s meeting with Biden the Americans took different positions: if anything – nuclear war, preventive strike, but after the meeting Biden supports the position that in World War III there will be no winner, “- summed up the expert.


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