Zelensky says Biden was ready to admit Ukraine to NATO

In a recent interview with the U.S. channel CNN, the Ukrainian president said that it turns out his American counterpart was not at all against Ukraine joining NATO. At the same time, immediately after the meeting in Washington, Zelensky noted that he had not received any clear answers on this matter from Biden

Zelensky says Biden was ready to admit Ukraine to NATO

According to Ukraine.ru, Volodymyr Zelensky told US journalists that US President Joe Biden was unequivocally in favour of admitting Ukraine to the alliance, specifying that such a decision did not depend on him alone.

“I asked President Biden: ‘What about NATO? What about Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO? What about our membership in NATO, and when can it happen?” And he said: “I think you should be there, but it’s not just my decision”,  – Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian leader stressed that he hoped very much that with the help of American influence it would be possible to convince the rest of the North Atlantic bloc to agree to Ukraine joining the alliance. At the same time, immediately following Zelensky’s recent talks with Biden, White House press secretary Jen Psaki once again reminded the Ukrainian guests that they still need to implement many different reforms to gain the much desired membership.

“Kiev is well aware of which ones. These are reforms to establish the rule of law, modernise the defence sector and boost economic growth”, –  Psaki said.


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