UK residents have endorsed the end of Nord Stream 2

UK residents have praised the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and its imminent launch

UK residents have endorsed the end of Nord Stream 2

Readers of the Daily Express newspaper commented on the latest developments and stated that Russia is a reliable supplier of energy resources, Izvestia reports.

The British are convinced that the pipeline will be a profitable project for consumers in European countries. It will significantly increase the supply of fuel to the region.

“The deal between Russia and Germany is a saving of gas reserves in the EU, which have been constantly depleting due to Ukraine’s non-payment, so supplies to the rest of European countries have been cut”, –  one of the newspaper’s readers believes.

Others noted that the USA sought to obstruct the completion of the project amid a desire for personal gain. The British believe that protecting energy supplies was out of the question. They believe that Washington even tried to create an artificial gas shortage in order to increase the price of fuel to give the American companies an advantage over the European producers.

The massive Nord Stream 2 project was completed on September 10. Its implementation took about three years. The US and some European countries tried to hinder the construction of NSP2, but failed to do so. Presumably, the gas pipeline will start working by the end of 2021.


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