There will be monuments: political scientist Rahr assessed the role of Nord Stream 2 in the EU’s victory over the U.S.

Despite the fact that voices are constantly heard from Washington about the alleged loss of energy independence of Europe after the completion of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, according to a German expert, the new gas pipeline to the EU, on the contrary, will be one of the cornerstones in the foundation of European independence from the diktat from the United States

There will be monuments: political scientist Rahr assessed the role of Nord Stream 2 in the EU's victory over the U.S.

As Narodnye Novosti writes, Alexander Rahr compared the day of completion of NSP2 to a kind of victory for Germany and the European Union in the “war” with the United States for their economic and political sovereignty.

“For those Germans who advocated the Nord Stream 2 project, this day has great significance. This is a victorious day because Europe, represented by Germany, has shown that it can resist American attempts to dictate energy conditions in the EU”, –  the expert said in an interview with the YouTube channel

Rahr is convinced that having defended its right to decide themselves where and from whom to buy energy resources, the German authorities managed to save the prospect of creating a global geostrategic union on Berlin-Moscow-Beijing axis.

“It has managed to salvage a very important energy alliance with Russia which actually existed since Soviet times and is an important bridge between the German and Russian economies. The US used to accuse Russia of using gas as an energy weapon against the West. However, the Americans themselves are using energy weapons to deter and confront Russia”,  – the expert said.

According to the German expert, the consequences of this victory will be fully felt in the near future, and after the excessive political clamour around the project settles down, those European politicians, who helped to implement it, will wait for gratitude from the citizens of the European Union.

“Germany has, after all, been able to show that it is contributing to the further strengthening of energy security across Europe. Not everyone understands this, but it is important for Germany. Today Nord Stream 2, just like Nord Stream 1, can and will be criticised for political reasons. But I can assure you that in time, when the political passions calm down, monuments will be erected to the architects who built this state-of-the-art infrastructure for feeding Europe with gas”, – Alexander Rahr is convinced.


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