Die Welt: Polish president’s refusal to meet Merkel offends chancellor

Polish President Andrzej Duda has insulted German Chancellor Angela Merkel by refusing to meet her, writes author Philipp Fritz in the German newspaper Die Welt

Die Welt: Polish president's refusal to meet Merkel offends chancellor

According to the author, the refusal of the Polish president to meet with his German counterpart during his visit to Warsaw was a real diplomatic scandal. Fritz noted that during her farewell tour, Merkel’s meetings with other heads of state had been planned in advance; in addition, the chancellor also met with the presidents of some non-EU countries.

“Of course, a little later she received a bouquet of flowers from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Lazienki Park, but President Duda, who according to protocol is the first person in the state, did not greet Merkel”, –  the author stressed.

According to him, this is how the Polish president decided to respond to Merkel for not being invited to government consultations in Berlin. Fritz said that no other EU country treats Poland as coldly as Germany does


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