Canada destroys books ‘offensive’ to Indigenous people

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that the Canadian province of Ontario has burned books deemed offensive to indigenous people, RT reports

Canada destroys books 'offensive' to Indigenous people

“When we overturn monuments, ban lectures, censor films, it becomes par for the course to go through libraries to sort books into morally recommended and the rest”, –  said Mathieu Boc-Cote, author of the article.

In his view, political correctness, as a religious movement in search of the ultimate transgression, sees in the burning of books with symbolic meaning and linked to the world to be destroyed “the ultimate purification gesture.

“Here we see a mixture of ideological terror and a strategy of extortion, as seen in all revolutions”, –  Bok Kote stressed.

The journalist noted that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken out against book burning, but in his view, “white people should not be explaining to the local population how to conduct the reconciliation process”.


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