State Duma draw’s EU’s attention to Zelensky’s words about the war

The president’s statements about the abyss between the residents of Ukraine and Russia speaks of his unwillingness to establish normal relations, the chairman of the State Duma noted.

State Duma draw's EU's attention to Zelensky's words about the war

According to TASS, on Sunday in his Telegram channel, commenting on Zelensky’s statements that he admits the likelihood of a full-fledged war with Russia, State Duma Chairman Viacheslav Volodin said that statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the war with Russia are extremely dangerous for European countries, therefore EU leaders should pay attention to this.

“Does the leadership of European countries understand that such statements by Zelensky are extremely dangerous for their peoples? EU leaders need to pay attention to what is happening in Ukraine. If they do not want the Europeans to be drawn into a full-scale war”, Volodin said.

He is convinced that Russians and Ukrainians are “one people, divided by the will of politicians like Zelensky.”

“We have a common history, culture, faith, we are united by the Russian language. Therefore, it is necessary to think about friendship and the development of relations, and not about war and an abyss”, the politician emphasized.

According to him, Zelensky’s statements about the abyss between the residents of the two countries speaks of his unwillingness to establish normal relations.

“Zelensky made statements, after which it becomes obvious that with such a president our brothers – the inhabitants of Ukraine – will have even more problems, in addition to those that the Ukrainian people have already faced”, the speaker stated.

Volodin recalled that “a bad peace is better than any war, especially a full-scale one,” that one must understand “even if all his life he is used to joking and playing roles.” In addition, he stressed, wars often lead to the destruction of entire countries.


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