Russian Foreign Ministry called Western experiments in children’s gender choice “a progressive disease”

According to a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, the West is making these experiments purposefully and in a coordinated manner.

Russian Foreign Ministry called Western experiments in children's gender choice "a progressive disease"

According to TASS, an article by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova, published on Sunday on the Rossiyskaya Gazeta website, says that Western countries, under the guise of progress and freedom, are trying to impose their “perverse thinking” by promoting experiments on children of their choice of gender.

She drew attention to the Australian media reports that the authorities of New South Wales wanted to allow children from the age of three to independently choose their gender. In addition, the diplomat cited several examples from Denmark, Scotland and England, where the authorities in one way or another impose an independent choice of their gender on children.

“A person is forced to make an unnatural choice, passing him off as a human being. Teenagers are not just advertised, but persistently imposed a perverse understanding of sex and gender. At the same time, modern media are actively used – products of mass culture”, Zakharova noted.

“We are told that this is progress. It sounds like a positive thing, because we were taught to misinterpret this word. Progress is not movement for the better. Progress is the development of a process. But in which direction and with what result depends on the initially set parameters. The test phrase is “progressive disease”. This is the case. We are convinced that this is freedom. But in fact it is the permissiveness of vice and the release of perversion from responsibility”.

According to Zakharova, the West produces these experiments in a targeted and coordinated manner.

“We are dealing with a new type of political concept – ultrabiopolitics. This is not the first attempt. Adherents of Nazi eugenics tried to conduct such an experiment with humanity. The Nazis measured the skulls and noses, they wanted to bring out a new person”, she emphasized.

“The current liberal Leviathan went further. The task is even more misanthropic – not to bring out a new person, but to force a person to change himself, renouncing his own identity and being enslaved. So evil has not yet made fun of us. Before our eyes, social pedophilia has arisen and is being institutionalized. A perverted, ugly worldview is hidden behind the “rosy prospects of emancipation”. They are selling it to us as a fight against homophobia and a cure for suffering, but this is a real war with the remnants of personal freedom, enslavement of a person from childhood under the barrel of a liberal dictatorship”, concluded Zakharova.


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