France refused to recognize the new Taliban government in Afghanistan

France refuses to recognize the new Taliban* government in Afghanistan and to have any relationship with them, said Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, accusing the Taliban of lying.

France refused to recognize the new Taliban government in Afghanistan

“France refuses to recognize or have any relationship with this government. We expect them to act. We have put forward a number of conditions”,  Le Drian said on France 5.

Among such conditions, he noted, were to allow anyone who wishes to leave the country without hindrance, to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to areas that are not under the direct control of the Taliban, to respect women’s rights and to refuse to cooperate with al-Qaeda *.

They said more than once that they would allow some foreigners and Afghans to leave the country without hindrance, and talked about inclusive and representative government. But they are lying. There is no result,” the minister said.

In early August, the Taliban stepped up their offensive against Afghan government forces, entered Kabul on August 15, and announced the next day that the war was over. The last two weeks of August from the airport in Kabul, which was under the protection of the US military, there was a mass evacuation of Western citizens and Afghans who collaborated with them. On the night of August 31, the US military left the Kabul airport, ending the nearly 20-year US military presence in Afghanistan. On September 6, the Taliban announced that Panjshir, the last of the 34 Afghan provinces, had come under their control with fighting.

The next day, the composition of the interim government of Afghanistan was announced. It will be headed by Mohammad Hasan Akhund, who served as foreign minister during the first Taliban* rule and has been under UN sanctions since 2001. Amir Khan Mutaki became the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Yakub headed the Ministry of Defense, and Mullah Sarajuddin Haqqani headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All of them are members of the Taliban * movement, and ethnically belong to the Pashtun tribal associations of Durrani and Gilzai.

*-Terrorist organization banned on the territory of Russia


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