Conditions for meeting Zelensky and Putin announced in Kiev

The President of Ukraine is ready to hold a meeting with Vladimir Putin, but at this meeting the issue of territories that Kiev considers to be occupied should be raised.

Conditions for meeting Zelensky and Putin announced in Kiev

This was stated by the press secretary of the Ukrainian leader Sergei Nikiforov.

“Indeed, there is the will of the President of Ukraine to meet personally with the President of Russia – at any time, anywhere within the framework of neutral territory. Either on the contact line, or anywhere else on neutral territory, but not in Russia or Ukraine. It is necessary that at this meeting there was a question of Russia’s occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, the conversation and contacts about this meeting at some level are really supported, but it is imperative to ensure that this most important issue is put on the agenda, which the Russian Federation, of course, does not want”, Nikiforov said on the air of the Dom TV channel. 

The speaker of the head of Ukraine added that it is the Russian Federation that opposes such a meeting, which, according to him, does not intend to put the “issue of Crimea” on the agenda of this meeting.

“Why then meet? Meet to discuss what? What topic is now more important in relations between Russia and Ukraine than Russia’s occupation of certain territories of Ukraine?” – noted Nikiforov.


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