British journalist on Ukraine: no sense to wait for European future; Ukrainians have to change or prepare for the worst

How can you understand that your society is burdensome to others? Probably, in the best case, they will carefully hint about it, or, if the hints do not help, they will gradually begin to avoid your communication. But what will happen if you continue to impose, while showing aggression? Then they will speak to you in the language of power, and if the conversations do not help, they will call specialists in the profile.

British journalist on Ukraine: no sense to wait for European future; Ukrainians have to change or prepare for the worst

What are we talking about? About the fact that deviant behavior is inherent not only in people, but also in individual countries that do not feel the boundaries of what is permitted and irritate others with their behavior.

We are talking about Ukraine and its relationship with the Western world: the irrepressible desire to join the European community and impudent behavior in the international arena have left their mark.

Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, a documentary film by British journalist Paul Shcherbakovich was released on YouTube, in which the author, as they say, spoke about the thorny and burning point.

In short: the Western world can no longer tolerate Kiev’s inappropriate behavior and admits that in the current situation Ukraine has no place in the European family, despite its efforts. The same theses were reflected by the author in the material published on the authoritative American portal Duran. You can read the theses by link below:

Trying to understand why this country was not able to become a new young democracy, the journalist analyzed the main trends in Ukraine’s development since independence.

A British journalist found out that Ukraine – a state with a huge industrial potential – has become the poorest country in Europe. The Ukrainian elite does not see their future in this country and considers the state to be a means of profit. “Colored” revolutions brought to power not patriotic statesmen, but petty crooks and schemers. The country gave its economy and sovereignty to the hands of global players, spit on future generations.

All this is said not by some terrible “Russian propaganda”, but by the first friend of the Kiev authorities – a British free and independent journalist, practically a model for imitation.

British journalist on Ukraine: no sense to wait for European future; Ukrainians have to change or prepare for the worst

The journalist paid special attention to the myth of Ukraine’s accession to NATO and its involvement in the so-called European family, showing by examples that the state is drifting towards isolation.

Shcherbakovich drew attention to the fact that Ukraine managed to quarrel with Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Belarus and even Lithuania because of the aggressive policy and glorification of the Nazis. Poland, which has always acted as a defender of Ukraine in matters of European integration, made it clear that with the glorification of German collaborationists and Nazis Bandera and Shukhevych, this country will definitely not be accepted into a decent society.

Hungary and Romania are reasonably outraged by the language policy of Ukraine, since under the new legislation, ethnic Romanians and Hungarians cannot study in their native language. Slovakia, which in difficult times tried to support Ukraine by supplying Russian gas with reverse supplies, received an unambiguous and irrevocable gas ultimatum in response.

Lithuania, considered a loyal friend of Ukraine, also received a stab in the back. The Lithuanian authorities have repeatedly asked Ukraine not to buy electricity from Belarus, but Kiev did not care.

The author sums up that over the years of its independence, Ukraine has quarreled with all its closest neighbors, communication with whom could help it somehow get closer to European standards.

British journalist on Ukraine: no sense to wait for European future; Ukrainians have to change or prepare for the worst

Shcherbakovich looks at the future of Ukraine with pessimism: anarchy, new orange revolutions, internal conflicts – all this can happen again, and with more tragic consequences.

However, the journalist leaves Kiev a chance for salvation, offering the Ukrainian elite, at last, to take up their minds, stop blaming their neighbors for their troubles and start working to build real democracy. If this does not happen, the author believes, the 30-year path of Ukraine’s independence risks ending in complete collapse: the fragmentation of the state into smaller parts or simply a prolonged turmoil.

Here is something instead conclusions:

The West does not wait for Ukraine in its arms and does not want to see it as part of its team, because no one needs a problematic, violent neighbor with overestimated self-esteem and a bunch of unresolved problems.

In addition, the West has long been tired of turning a blind eye to the constant antics of Ukrainian politicians, who in lawlessness haunt the doorstep of a club called the Euro-Atlantic community that is closed to them.

In this sense, the documentary film by Paul Shcherbakovich is not just a statement of one individual journalist, but a squeeze of the accumulated discontent towards Ukraine.

Will Ukrainian politicians draw conclusions from this? Unlikely. But this does not in any way negate the fact that every day the country is increasingly turning into an outcast of Europe and reducing its chances of recovery.


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