Austrian political expert: is Pius X the last church of the West?

Like all social organizations, liberalism also affects the Catholic Church.

Austrian political expert: is Pius X the last church of the West?

More and more people are drifting away from the church, while the church decisively neglects its real tasks and prefers to engage in “refugee politics”, homosexual acceptance and climate change.

At many church services, you can only meet old people and priests from distant countries. Monasteries have also seen a massive decline in the number of monks and nuns. But not all structures of the Catholic Church experience a shortage of parishioners and priests.

A group called FSSPX or “Pius X” is on the rise.

The average age attending services and the number of men who choose to become priests is much better than in all other structures of the Catholic Church.

While more and more European countries are tearing down or selling even Catholic churches, FSSPX is even building new churches and monasteries.

Many attribute this success to the traditional and conservative line of this group, which was not ready to accept the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

It is clear that this group continues to grow, and it remains to be seen what impact this will have not only on the Catholic Church as a whole, but also on Western society.

Patrick Poppel, geopolitical analyst (Vienna)


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