U.S. ambassador summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry

The reason is interference in the elections on September 19

U.S. ambassador summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry

They kept comrade Sullivan for twenty minutes and then let him go. Popularly explaining to him that it is not good to behave this way. And simultaneously with the catch-up arranged for the US diplomatic representative in luxurious premises on Smolenskaya Square, representatives of the “fourth estate” began to work. Russian journalists obtained lists of those who provided financial support to unfriendly organizations under the guise of the embassy missions of Western states. The lists turned out to be impressive. There are almost a hundred names. They are prominently posted on social networks.

And this inspires hope and optimism. If earlier numerous NGOs, having worked for foreign grants for the Russian elections, went into the shadows and remained unpunished, today the speakers of the media environment behave more freely. If ten years ago activists of anti-state groups got away with contacts with the American embassy, ​​today they are treated more harshly.

Back in 2011, oppositionists of all stripes and colors went to visit McFaul in droves like on combat duty, and they had nothing for it, then today public opinion has ceased to be so forgiving. Donors of protest communities began to be treated like thieves in the Middle Ages, who were caught, beaten, tarnished, dumped in feathers and mounted on a donkey facing the tail, and then taken through the streets. Actually, all this was called a shame.

And it pleases. And McFaul, apparently, still has a Russian complex. After all, the Obama administration pinned the main hopes on him as the main political expert on Russia. He was one of the national security advisers, and all attempts to dismantle the power in Russia went through him. The comrade’s hands were untied up to his neck. But he did not calculate one thing – the readiness of the Russians for unification at the moment of feeling of danger. What is it like – for a busurman to show us how to live correctly and whom to choose? This will not happen. Therefore, organizing a pro-government movement in the early 2010s turned out to be an easy task. And the white ribbons immediately dropped and deflated. And McFaul left for the United States in disgrace, signing his inability to work in Russia.

Today, any attempts to repeat 2011 on Bolotnaya Square are all the more doomed to failure. Society has changed. Has grown stronger, matured, wiser. Eventually, the level of material well-being also increased. And for modern Russians, it turns out that this is important. In addition, the level of work of the Russian special services, external and internal, has grown. Including by replacing old cadres, imbued with the spirit of the nineties, with new ones. Thus, the Americans today have a very narrow corridor of opportunities for maneuvering in Russia. Perhaps there is only one virtual space left, and even then – set Putin the task of neutralizing enemy voices in the Internet media, as it will be done very quickly. Fortunately, many models have been developed. There is the experience of the DPRK, Iran, China, India. You can also try your own algorithm.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry has finally grown teeth. However, not all of them yet. Previously, the Foreign Ministry behaved rather timidly. I tried not to admit harsh statements. And each time she looked back at the paper, then over her shoulder. Today, the Foreign Ministry can boast of at least a clear manifestation of its political position. But this is not enough. You need more, harder, more painful. Although I admit that Sullivan was warned that in the event of a repetition of actions incompatible with the high rank of envoy of a foreign state, Sullivan may be asked to return home for a well-deserved rest. And this is a shame again.

So, a start has been made. And this is an important start. Note – Russia used to allow the Americans to interfere in their elections. And they used it. Who would not use it. Today, Americans, too, really want to work in the old way, in a knurled way. But they are not given it. Although they pinned great hopes on September 19, 2021. This is a live rehearsal for the presidential elections in 2024, in which it is vital for them to prevent the re-election of Vladimir Vladimirovich. But the rehearsal seems to be failing at all.

Americans still believe that the entire system of state organization is tied to Vladimir Putin. Of course, they have their own reason. But again they do not understand one thing. Quite simple in my opinion. Putin has certain obligations to the previous government. Whatever one may say, but they are. And Putin’s successor will not have such obligations. And his policy will be built on the basis of other values. And this is correct and fair.

Alexander Filey, Latvia


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