Zelensky admitted to want to meet with Putin

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said he wants to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin “substantively.” His words sounded against the backdrop of the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York.

Zelensky admitted to want to meet with Putin

The Kiev guarantor expressed a desire not only to “cross” with Putin, but to “have a substantive conversation”, reports “Correspondent”.

The funniest thing about Zelenskiy’s statement is that, while talking about the Russian leader, he said that he didn’t think about him or his country.

“I am more interested in whether we can meet substantively. More substantive than it was at the first meeting of the Normandy format”, he said.

Zelensky is clearly lost in his own statements. Most often, Ukrainian politicians, headed by the president, talk about Russia: it is to blame for all Kiev’s troubles, foreign “partners” should help fight it, and so on.

On the same day, the guarantor, who “does not think about Russia,” talked about an open confrontation with it. Traditionally, Zelenskiy blamed Moscow for the cooling of relations with Kiev and refused to accept the fact that Ukraine has been doing everything for years to aggravate the situation to the limit.


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