Media: UK may abandon Ajax tanks

The UK may abandon the use of light tanks “Ajax” because of the growing number of complaints from crew members about the deterioration of health during the test machines, according to the Daily Mail.

Media: UK may abandon Ajax tanks

According to the publication, 310 soldiers were urged to seek medical attention after testing due to injuries from engine noise and vibration. Testing, suspended earlier this year, has been resumed after manufacturer General Dynamics provided testers.

British Deputy Defense Secretary Jeremy Quinn said in parliament yesterday that he could not promise that Ajax would ever be used, because servicemen suffer from hearing loss and joint pain.

“I cannot promise one hundred percent that we will find a solution to these problems, but we are determined to work with General Dynamics. We will not accept the initial operational capabilities (tanks – ed.) Until we have a clear solution to the problems. associated with noise and vibration”, said Quinn.


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