Launch of Nord Stream-2 will go down in the history of sanctions policy

On the one hand, he showed the ineffectiveness of US sanctions. Ultimately, they were unable to stop the “Nord Stream-2”

Launch of Nord Stream-2 will go down in the history of sanctions policy

Analysts, who a year ago with a swear word scoffed at Potok, enthusiastically quoting PEESA and other works of American lawmakers, are put to shame.

Case “Nord Stream-2” now becomes another argument in favor of the “paradox of sanctions”: in relation to opponents, they are ineffective in the sense that they cannot stop the achievement of their goals, or they cannot completely impose the will of the initiators on them.

But. Opponents of this theory also receive solid arguments. The US sanctions have delayed the pipeline’s construction quite seriously. They have increased economic costs, increased the price of the project.

In addition, the legal mechanisms for sanctions remain. This means that they can be used against new projects, as well as modified against companies that maintain existing infrastructure. PEESCA can only be overturned by a super-majority in both houses of the US Congress. This is almost impossible to achieve. Especially in relation to the Russian Federation. But to put in new amendments that complicate new projects or maintenance of old ones is quite.

In other words. We have a serious tactical victory for Russia and its European partners. However, we understand that the story is not over.

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