Ukraine is becoming less and less livable – expert

Political expert, head of the Housing Union of Ukraine Oleksandr Skubchenko commented on the statement of David Arahamia, head of the “Servant of the People” faction, who said that people refuse to go to work in ministries

Ukraine is becoming less and less livable - expert

Earlier, Arahamiya said that the majority of “normal people refuse to go to ministries and continue to do business”. He said the Verkhovna Rada had been trying to replace some members of the government for months but could not find suitable candidates.

“Arahamiya said that Zelenskyy has a personnel shortage. They do not want ‘good businessmen’ to exchange Facebook likes for positions. And he is not lying. After all, Zelensky’s Ukraine is the country of opportunities only for powder-beaters and grant-grabbers. And among this public – well, there are no smart ones”, –  Skubchenko noted in his Telegram channel.

In his opinion, there are many smart and intelligent people in Ukraine, but they became strangers in their own country after 2014: some of them were kicked out to Russia altogether by Zelensky. Skubchenko stressed that Ukraine is now becoming a less and less livable country because of the policy of official Kiev.


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