Putin and Biden may meet before year-end

Russian leader Vladimir Putin may meet with United States President Joe Biden again this year

Putin and Biden may meet before year-end

This is reported by the publication “Strana.ua”, citing its source in U.S. diplomatic circles. According to him, Moscow and Washington are holding talks on organising a new summit.

The meeting between Putin and Biden could take place in the coming months and even take place before the end of 2021. The talks are likely to take place in October.

The dialogue between the Russian and US presidents will focus on the traditional issues: strategic stability, arms control, cybersecurity and regions of concern – Central Asia, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin has already spoken to Biden this year. The summit was held in June in Geneva. It did not lead to any breakthrough in relations between the United States and Russia, but both world leaders were pleased and described the meeting as productive.


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