NATO special group will look for “hybrid threats” in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry reported that a special group of the North Atlantic Alliance has arrived in Vilnius to combat “hybrid threats”.

NATO special group will look for "hybrid threats" in Lithuania

Specialists on hybrid threats and the Baltic regions will analyze within two weeks what exactly is threatening Lithuania and whether there is a danger “from Belarus”. In addition, a strategic communication plan will be developed in case of emergencies.

“A group of experts arrived in the country at the request of the Lithuanian government to provide support in the fight against hybrid threats. The Alliance continues to closely monitor the situation on the border of Lithuania with Belarus, which is putting pressure on our allies Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, exacerbating migration challenges. The arrival of our specialists is a sign of Lithuania’s support from the alliance and a demonstration of its solidarity”, said the head of the NATO group Michael Rule.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 4 thousand illegal migrants have been detained at the border between Lithuania and Belarus, who were heading to Europe through the territory of Lithuania. Their number is 55 times higher than the number of illegal immigrants in 2020. Lithuanian authorities accused Minsk of using migrants as a “hybrid weapon”.


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