Ukraine has changed its mind about seeking major US ally status outside NATO

It has suddenly emerged that this will make it impossible for Ukraine to join the alliance in the future

Ukraine has changed its mind about seeking major US ally status outside NATO

A statement by Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, which she made public on her Facebook, suggests that the Ukrainian authorities have changed their mind about seeking the status of a major US ally outside NATO (MNNA).  According to Markarova, this should not be done, as MNNA status is suitable only for those countries that do not or cannot join the North Atlantic Alliance.

“This is definitely not about us”, –  she said.

The ambassador explained that since Ukraine has determined that its goal is NATO membership, it does not make sense for it to become an ally of the US outside this military bloc.

“Ukraine has determined that its goal is NATO membership. This is the only systemic and institutional solution for the security of our country and it is written in our Constitution”, –  the diplomat wrote.

Markarova recalled that Ukraine already has the status of NATO Enhanced Opportunity Partner (EOP), which is much stronger than MNNA status.

“And this status gives us great opportunities both for enhanced cooperation with NATO and for improving our interoperability and capacity development”, –  she explained.

At the same time, the head of the diplomatic mission pointed out that the US remains a strategic partner of Ukraine, helping it to counter “Russian aggression”. As Ukrayinska Pravda reported on September 8, the ambassador’s statement has already been supported by the government. Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Olga Stefanishina called the initiative of MPs to ask Ukraine to grant MNNA status “inappropriate and untimely”.


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