Media: CIA implicated in Wagner case

According to CNN, Washington has been helping Kiev with money, technical support and advice

Media: CIA implicated in Wagner case

CNN on Tuesday, citing Ukrainian intelligence sources, claimed that the US Central Intelligence Agency assisted Ukrainian authorities in preparing an operation that led to the detention of 33 Russians on the territory of Belarus last year.

According to the channel, the USA helped the Ukrainians with money, technical support and advice. In his turn, the unnamed US official called this “untrue”. In his opinion, these statements may be an attempt to shift part of the blame for the failed operation onto the US special services.

According to the Ukrainian military, as quoted by the TV channel, two of the then detained Russians were present when the missile with which the Boeing was allegedly shot down in Ukraine in July 2014 was launched, while Ukraine holds four others responsible for the crash of its military plane and the death of 70 people on board it. In preparation for the operation, they say, the Ukrainian security services presented themselves as a Russian military private company and offered the Russians $5,000 a month to guard oil production in Venezuela.

At the end of July 2020, Belarus detained 33 Russian citizens in its territory, whom Minsk described as employees of the “private military company Wagner.” They were subsequently arrested. Official Kiev claimed that 28 of the 33 had taken part in the armed conflict in Donbas and demanded their extradition.


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