How children in Ukraine are taught to hate Russia

Prominent inciter of ethnic hatred and Russophobia, Ukrainian propagandist Yanina Sokolova has once again, as they say, hit “the bottom”

How children in Ukraine are taught to hate Russia
I have already written repeatedly about Ukraine’s use of children to promote Russophobia – TV shows show footage of young “victims” of Ukrainian propaganda singing songs about Bandera and telling them how much they hate Russians. Janina has also decided to use this sad trend in her programs. In July she invited “Kozak Mykhalik”, a nine-year old Bandera fan, to her studio, and this time she invited several children to the program and started questioning them about their attitude towards Putin and Russia. Of course, their answers were predictable.

Let me remind you that Sokolova works for Ukraine’s Channel 5. The other day she invited children aged 9-10 to her studio to participate in her programme. Before the children appeared in the studio, Yanina Sokolova was commenting on Russian news, not being shy with her expressions at all. Then the “victims of Ukrainian propaganda” appeared in the frame – unfortunately, there is no other way to call this spectacle. Well, except for “political paedophilia”. Here are some questions that Yanina Sokolova asked the children during the programme:

Yanina Sokolova: What is annexation?

Child: I don’t know.

Yanina Sokolova: When you hear “annexation of Crimea”, how do you understand it?

Child: Ahhhh! I get it: when Crimea was annexed!

Janina Sokolova: Yes. And the annexation of Donbas, accordingly, too?

Child: Yes!

Yanina Sokolova also asked the children who Putin was, and led them to say in public that Putin was Ukraine’s enemy.

Using children in war and propaganda is despicable. But the problem is not only with Sokolova, their parents also agree to it. And it is unlikely that these parents are all “ATO veterans”. How many of them are ordinary people from Kiev who just wanted their child to be shown on television? And it does not matter in what context. The problem is that Ukrainian propaganda is trying to make Russophobia a “trend”, a fashion. And the sad thing is that for many people blindly following these very “trends” is a way of life. They do not think, they just go along with it, and everything suits them.

Where does Yannina Sokolova get her hatred for Russia and the Russians from? All her journalistic activity is based on one thing – incitement of hatred towards Russia. But is there such hatred at all? Maybe Sokolova is just making money? For example, even her “propaganda colleague” Gordon refers to her as a crazy woman. Thus, in one interview, Gordon said that Sokolova became a Russophobe after she banged her head at the Odessa Film Festival.

“I thought sparks were going to fly from my eyes. She was so banged up – I think something happened to her then, something happened to her head, she went crazy, and that terrible bump on the minibus negatively affected her. Because what she is saying and writing is, of course, inciting ethnic hatred. Undoubtedly. But, I think, she cannot be judged. I think it’s all her fault that she hit the minibus,” which is what Ukrainian journalist Gordon said about her on the Ukrainian TV channel Nash back in 2020. There is no “Kremlin hand” here – she is considered abnormal by many in Ukraine as well.

Sokolova spent her whole life communicating in Russian, worked on the Russian-language Inter, hosted the weather, was a model, and then she really “lost it”. What can you do for airtime … Janina Sokolova became a Russophobe with the light hand of Petya Poroshenko, for whom she still works. Sokolova conducts very tough interviews with Poroshenko’s enemies and friendly soft ones with his loved ones and family – at one time she was even trusted to conduct an interview with Poroshenko’s wife, the then First Lady of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko. Hence all the hatred of Russia by Yanina Sokolova. It is business, nothing personal.

Daniel Bezsonov, Analytical Service of Donbass


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