€3 million stolen during construction of fence on Latvia’s eastern border

Internal Security Bureau of Latvia demands to initiate a criminal case for the theft of funds during the construction of the fence on the Latvian-Belarusian and Latvian-Russian border

€3 million stolen during construction of fence on Latvia's eastern border

According to Krasnaya Vesna, the Bureau appealed to the prosecutor’s office of the country to find out the circumstances of the theft of the funds, allocated for the construction of the fence. Two border guards are suspected of fraud.

According to the Bureau, the construction company did not submit the documents on the works, which in fact were not carried out. And the border guards and the technical supervisor signed the documents knowing that the data provided were inaccurate. Thus, the border guards became accomplices to the embezzlement of €3 million from the budget of the State Border Service.

A preliminary investigation into the episode has now been completed. In total, the Bureau requests to initiate criminal proceedings in five cases.


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