NATO fears Kaliningrad because it is Russia’s knife at Europe’s throat

A Chinese columnist said that in the current warfare environment, Kaliningrad region should not be deceived by the “squeezed” position of European countries

NATO fears Kaliningrad because it is Russia's knife at Europe's throat

He explained that access to the Baltic Sea provides the Russian exclave with a strategic importance in the task of deterring NATO countries in the region.

The expert said that if the Baltiysk naval base were modernised, it could accommodate Russian submarines with missile weapons on board for the long term. From this point they would be able to reach any European NATO member state even with non-nuclear missiles, the observer added.

He paid special attention to the deployment of mobile tactical nuclear complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region that cannot but give Europe and NATO reasons for concern. The Chinese expert did not ignore the deployment of S-400 Triumph air defence systems in the Kaliningrad region in 2019, which also seriously limits the Alliance’s potential air activity in the region.

The expert concluded by calling on the EU and the US to stop putting pressure on Russia, as in case of potential threats, the Kaliningrad region could become the knife that would stab European NATO members in the heart.


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