European Commission asked to impose sanctions against Poland

The European Commission appealed to the European Court of Justice with a demand to impose sanctions against Poland. This was stated by Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders.

European Commission asked to impose sanctions against Poland

According to him, the reason for this was Warsaw’s failure to comply with the provisional measures and the incomplete execution of the court’s decision of 15 July.

The amount of possible fines is to be determined during the proceedings.

In July, the EU Court demanded the immediate termination of the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland. The European Commission believes that the activities of this body, which is empowered to make decisions on the professional activities of judges, threaten their impartiality. Brussels considers this circumstance to be contrary to the provisions of the Treaty on the European Union.

At the same time, the Constitutional Court in Warsaw considered this decision of the European instance optional. However, in response to the EC’s claims, the Polish authorities agreed to suspend the work of the chamber.

Nevertheless, the European Commission believes that Poland has not fully fulfilled the required conditions, and the threat to the independence of the country’s judicial system remains.


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