EU demands Poland to drop declaration of “LGBT free zones”

The EU has warned Polish regions of losing funding because of the LGBT scandal

EU demands Poland to drop declaration of "LGBT free zones"

According to the latest reports, Polish LGBT activists have published a scan of the letter in social networks, and a representative of the Lublin Voivodeship confirmed receiving it on September 6. A spokeswoman for the European Commission in Warsaw also confirmed that the letter had been sent.

“The Commission would like to stress that declaring territories, jobs or services free of LGBTIQ people is an action contrary to the values set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union”, –  it said.

The document says that additional funding for part of the COVID recovery fund will be suspended pending responses from the regions to the Commission’s concerns. What is important to understand is that this money is part of REACT-EU (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and Territories in Europe), a package of additional cohesion funds, under which Poland has been allocated a total of over 1.5 billion euros.

“The letter is now being analysed in order to prepare a response”, – stressed a representative of the Lublin voivodship.

It is worth noting that the Lubelskie and Małopolska voivodships recently voted again to remain free of “LGBT ideology”. Official Brussels continues to clash with Poland and Hungary on issues ranging from LGBT rights to freedom of the press.
Two months ago the European Commission filed a lawsuit against both countries over measures it says discriminate against the gay community.


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