“Big test for Europe”: Transit of gas from Russia to the EU through Ukraine to decrease

The head of the company “Operator GTS Ukraine” Sergey Makogon said that the transit of gas from Russia to the European Union through Ukraine will decrease, as already now “Gazprom” does not reserve additional transit capacity

"Big test for Europe": Transit of gas from Russia to the EU through Ukraine to decrease

“Despite the maximum gas price in the EU and insufficient gas reserves in European UGSFs, Gazprom has not booked additional transit capacity of 15m cu.m. per day for September, which will reduce transit from 124m cu.m. per day to 109m cu.m. per day. In addition, the Ukrainian GTS Operator continuously offers additional capacity of 63.7m cu.m. per day, but Gazprom has never shown any interest in increasing gas supplies to the EU”, – Makohon said on Facebook.

In his opinion, this situation can be linked to the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project.

“Today, Gazprom has reported the completion of pipe-laying work on the Nord Stream 2 project and its readiness to supply gas through it as early as 2021. In fact, Gazprom is bluntly hinting that an increase in supplies to the EU is only possible through Nord Stream 2”, –  Makohon believes.

He adds that he sees this as a “big test for Europe” in the coming months in the context of the need for “European solidarity”.


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