Montenegro: for whom did the bell toll?

For the first time since 30 August last year, there is a feeling and realistic confirmation of the overthrow of the DPS regime

Montenegro: for whom did the bell toll?

Despite unprecedented persecution by the opposition, part of the media and leaders of various anti-Serb associations, non-governmental organizations and failed parties, His Eminence Metropolitan Ioanniky was enthroned in the Cetinje Monastery as the new Metropolitan of Montenegro and Primorye, the Serbian Orthodox Church.

In Cetinje, a protest action was organized against the enthronement of Metropolitan Ioannikiy. The rally was announced as a protest action by believers from the CPC NGO.

The main leaders of the assembly were the leaders of the DPS with a full parliamentary club, most of the ministers from the former government, and all current and former leaders of the parliamentary opposition (with the exception of the Bosnian and Albanian parties).

So this meeting was purely political. They expected that with the help of their people within the system and with the help of pressure from the media in their favor, they would be able to prevent the enthronement of Metropolitan Ioannikiy. Which would bring them enormous political benefits. They would restore the lost self-confidence, as well as the lost aura of omnipotence.

They wanted to prove that they have the strength to do whatever interests them. Ultimately, preventing the accession to the throne in Cetinje would restore the already lost opinion of the people about their invincibility.

However, things were going very badly for them.

In spite of everything, Metropolitan Ioanniky was enthroned in the Cetinje Monastery, which definitely defeated the DPS and their satellites.

They showed that there were no people behind them, that they were weak, that they had been abandoned by the people they were counting on. This gamble will inevitably have a very negative impact on their election results.

They also added extremism to their negative background as sponsors of crime and corruption. Thus, their position in the international community has declined further.

In addition, with this adventure, the DPS finally destroyed the last hope that they could expand their coalition potential. And if someone, apart from their satellites, even thought about it, then after that he, of course, no longer thought about it.

The statement by the President of the DPS that the church bells on the occasion of enthronement were the fruit of nervousness and indignation did not hurt anyone. Church bells from the Cetinje monastery marked the solemn act of enthronement of Metropolitan Ioannikiy. But they also marked the political end of the DPS and its leadership, which economically destroyed and divided Montenegro.

In addition, an invitation to the Prime Minister to speak with the DF leaders on the night before the enthronement could be the beginning of cooperation. It is to be expected that the DF will enter the government and strengthen it. And it will improve cooperation with the Prime Minister, who may run for the presidency in the spring of 2023.

Thus, the DPS, in addition to the enthronement defeat, also served as a catalyst for good and productive cooperation between the DF and the Prime Minister.

Slavko Fustich


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