EurAsian Times: Russia will strengthen its position thanks to the S-400 in Belarus

Experts from the Indian edition of the EurAsian Times talked about the benefits that Russia will receive in case of a deal with Belarus on the S-400, PolitRussia reports.

EurAsian Times: Russia will strengthen its position thanks to the S-400 in Belarus

The authors of the material recalled that the Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, which have no analogues in the whole world, have already been acquired by several countries. The S-400 is the latest air defense system capable of repelling any air attack. In addition, Russian air defense systems are also effective against ballistic missiles.

“In addition, the S-400 is the only missile system in the world capable of hitting targets over the horizon thanks to a new smart missile”, the Indian media article said.

“In addition, this system is well protected from the effects of electronic warfare”, – said experts from India.

SAM “Triumph” has already been acquired by China and Turkey. It is noted that despite the sanctions pressure from the United States, India entered into a deal for the purchase of anti-aircraft missile systems. According to EurAsian Times analysts, Belarus may become the next buyer of Russian S-400s.

Experts stressed that Minsk can receive the air defense system on preferential terms, since not only the president of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, but also Russia itself will benefit from the deployment of the S-400 in Belarus.

“Belarus serves as a kind of security buffer between the western borders of Russia and the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union. That is why it is beneficial for Moscow to strengthen and arm its ally and neighbor”, the newspaper noted.