A testing ground for the extermination of Russians: Russian future depends on the return of Little Russia

Any decent person, not a poser, not verbiage, not someone who only plays with some principles and concepts, but a real person who lives by conscience, is extremely worried about the fate of Little Russia – what is now called Ukraine

A testing ground for the extermination of Russians: Russian future depends on the return of Little Russia

The fate of the deceived, embittered, destitute Russian people who, by the will of fate and thanks to prostitute politicians, found themselves outside our community, outside a single state, outside Russia.

Now they continue to fall into the abyss. They are being killed by poverty and civil war. Outsiders, insignificant traders of a different faith with bulging eyes, seized this land, this fertile black soil and are trying to lime people. Experiments continue to be carried out on Ukrainians, even in linguistic form. Everything is done only for the sake of affirming one principle in life – “it’s not like Muscovites”.

They try to rebuild everything in a row – speech, life, everyday life – in their own way, under which there is absolutely no ground. Everything is ephemeral, funny, shaky and ugly. That would seem to be such a small, simple question – what does the expression “happy little pisenka” mean in Ukrainian? You will laugh, but this is not an indication of the extreme stage of impotence, but this is a “funny song”. But everything is specially done and pronounced, so that only “not like the Muscovites.”

A map is not a map, but a “map” from the English “map”. The paint is not paint, but “farba” from the German “Farbe”. Cat – necessarily through i. Any word from any language is suitable, as long as it does not resemble Russian. And it doesn’t matter that the ancestors of the Ukrainians did not hear about any “map” and “farbakh”, but the real Little Russian dialect, the one that was spoken during Gogol’s time, was just a dialect of the Russian language with a slightly different phonetics, but without a huge artificial layer absolutely alien borrowing.

But this is not enough. The original names and surnames are being tampered with, the past is being cleaned up, monstrous pseudo-historical constructs that have nothing to do with reality are invented, and against the backdrop of all this, a frantic, irrepressible desire to constantly mimic someone.

Degradation and extinction are what threatens this territory. Unfortunately, we look at it silently, from the outside, that is, “let them voluntarily fall into hell.” I am concerned that our ties are being severed and that in fact only Russia can stop Nazism in Ukraine. Nobody else, not a single world player, only us, and this will have to be done.

Many will shout that again “Russian Ivan” will perish, and Moscow will invest money, but these people forget that this is just a part of our Motherland. Without Little Russia, Russia will never fully stand on its feet. Never. This was perfectly understood by all these ghouls, this infernal figure Bzezhinsky, who passed away, and many, many others. They knew what they were doing. They cut our homeland into pieces and, unfortunately, will continue to do so. Therefore, one must be prepared for both new battles and the repetition of old ones.

Yuri Kotenok, Donbass Analytical Service


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