U.S. will test new drugs for coronavirus on Ukrainians

The press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States reported that a cargo of humanitarian aid with drugs against coronavirus infection arrived in Kiev. It is noteworthy that these drugs did not have time for the full cycle of clinical trials in the States.

U.S. will test new drugs for coronavirus on Ukrainians

“With the assistance of the embassy, ​​a humanitarian aid from the United States was delivered to Ukraine, provided by the American charitable organization Direct Relief. The latest agreements on the receipt of this humanitarian cargo were agreed upon during the visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States”, the press service said.

The shipment consists of the latest drugs against coronavirus infection Bamlanaivimeb and Etisvimeb. In total, Washington sent 60 thousand bottles to Ukraine for a total amount of more than $ 20 million. These drugs are recommended for patients with mild to moderate severity of coronavirus disease, especially if there is a risk of becoming severe.

The mechanism of action of the drugs is to block the process of coronavirus into the cell by acting on the receptor-binding domain of the S-protein of the coronavirus. It is also worth noting that the drugs have not been fully tested in the United States.

The US Department of Health initially approved Bamlanaivimeb on an emergency basis, but later withdrew the approval at the initiative of the drug manufacturer. Experts believe that the use of the drug among Ukrainians will become one of the stages of clinical trials.


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