“U.S. got into zugzwang” – Russian senator comments on flight of Americans from Afghanistan

Senator of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov in his Telegram channel commented on the situation in Afghanistan, which developed against the background of the withdrawal of the American military contingent from the country.

"U.S. got into zugzwang" - Russian senator comments on flight of Americans from Afghanistan

“The USA is in zugzwang. According to Biden, there is nothing more desirable for Russia than America, bogged down in the third decade of the war with Afghanistan. And according to Biden’s critics, from Republicans in the US to European liberals, there is nothing more beneficial for Russia and China than the shameful flight of the US from Afghanistan, which gives them a chance to politically “intercept” Afghanistan and gain a foothold in this region”, Pushkov said.

In his opinion, US President Joe Biden also suffered image losses. Pushkov recalled that calls began to be heard in the West to stop considering the United States a superpower.

“In general, wherever you throw it, there is a wedge everywhere. Wherever you look from Washington, Russia and China are everywhere. And so it is good for them, and even better. And for the United States, staying in Afghanistan was bad, and leaving was even worse”, the politician summed up.

As News Front previously reported, after the Taliban* came to power, centers for the protection of women from violence began to close en masse in Afghanistan.

*-Fighters of the Taliban terrorist organization, banned in Russia.


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