Iran calls US sanctions a continuation of Washington’s failed policy

The U.S. Treasury Department earlier announced the inclusion of four Iranian nationals on the sanctions list

Iran calls US sanctions a continuation of Washington's failed policy

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed it was reported.

“Unfortunately, the current authorities in the US continue to follow the failed path pursued by the previous US administration”, –  the foreign ministry’s press office quoted the minister as saying. “Washington must understand that there is no other way than abandoning the commitment to sanctions and using the principle of respect in relations with Tehran,” he added.

Recall that on Friday, the US Treasury Department said it had placed four Iranian nationals on sanctions lists. Ali Reza Shahwarogi Farahani, Mahmoud Hazein, Omid Nouri and Kia Sadeghi fell under the restrictions. According to Washington, the individuals in question are linked to the Iranian Ministry of Information (Intelligence), which is subject to US sanctions.


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