Zakharova: Afghanistan crisis shows NATO’s inability to coordinate

The situation in Afghanistan has clearly demonstrated the inability of neither NATO nor the US in particular to effectively plan and coordinate their actions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

Zakharova: Afghanistan crisis shows NATO's inability to coordinate

“The situation in Afghanistan has clearly demonstrated: neither NATO in general nor the US in particular are capable of effectively planning and coordinating their actions. What’s more, the US has proven to be a completely incompetent party as a leading force. And the self-defeating videos of the “invincible machine” that flew around the world show more convincingly than all military calculations the absolute failure of NATO as a political-military bloc claiming a leading role in ensuring world order”, –  she wrote in her Facebook post.

It would seem a good time for NATO to work on its mistakes, she stressed.

“But, as they say, they are not. What does the bloc, caught up in its own helplessness, do? It is hastily looking for information to distract attention from a succession of failures and responds to the challenges of the times… with exercises”, –  Zakharova pointed out, citing a list of military maneuvers that the alliance plans to hold by the end of this year.

Zakharova noted that attention should be drawn to how often “manoeuvres are conducted in the Baltics and other Eastern European countries. Judging by the NATO disaster in Afghanistan, the alliance needs exercises not in fields and meadows, but in mountains and steppes. But apparently they are really playing at virtual confrontation with Russia.

At the same time, the representative of the diplomatic mission stressed, NATO’s appetite is growing.

“Despite disastrous inefficiency in Afghanistan, new plans are announced – Stoltenberg announced back in June that NATO would increase its presence in…the Arctic. The mountainous terrain crossed by militants has failed, so now the bet is on the malleability of ice floes and polar bears?”, –  she wondered.

She also added that the degradation of the Alliance was clear. At least, the equipment that was used in Iraq was brought to the Baltics and given to the vassals as the relics of junk. In Afghanistan the forces were so exhausted that the cars and helicopters were left to those against whom they were thrown. I can imagine what will happen in the Arctic.

“Brussels can go on talking endlessly about the threat from Russia and China, demanding defence and financial discipline, frightening the world with “Russian hackers” and “Kremlin propaganda”. But life, as they say, harshly brings back to reality those who break away from it”, –  Zakharova concludes.


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