NATO appeals to Russia ahead of large-scale exercise “West-2021”

Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Russia to be open about its military exercises, Reuters reported on Friday, September 3.

NATO appeals to Russia ahead of large-scale exercise "West-2021"

Stoltenberg calls on Russia to behave predictably and transparently during exercises, as well as to fulfill its obligations under the Vienna Document, the international agreement governing military exercises in Europe.

“We saw earlier that the number of troops participating in the exercise significantly exceeds the announced one. The reality is that since the end of the Cold War, Russia has never opened exercises for mandatory checks. Therefore, we will be vigilant”, said the NATO Secretary General.

The joint exercises of Russia and Belarus “West-2021” will take place from 10 to 16 September. Topic – “The use of groupings of troops in the interests of ensuring the military security of the union state.”


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