Migrants who entered Lithuania do not want to leave there

More than 4 thousand migrants got to Lithuania across the border with Belarus this year. An emergency has been declared in the country.

Migrants who entered Lithuania do not want to leave there

According to tg-channel BALTNEWS, Lithuanian journalists talked to illegal migrants detained at the Rudninkai training ground. Many of them expressed a desire to stay in Lithuania.

“I would like to live and work here. If I had a chance, I would like to find a wife here. I am not against mixed marriages with whites, I would like to enter into an intercultural marriage”, – said, for example, a native of Sierra Leone.

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the situation in Lithuania in his tg-channel.

“An unexpected consequence of Lithuania’s membership in the EU. The doctrine of human rights, officially adopted in the European Union, supports ethnic diversity – diversity. HATO is proud of the multinational composition of its Brussels apparatus, which employs not only Europeans and Americans, but also people from Asia and Africa. Now, according to this logic, I came through Lithuania to share my territory with newcomers, in full accordance with fundamental European values”, the politician said ironically.


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