Russian President’s Press Secretary: US supports Ukraine’s NATO membership in order to threaten Russia

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov believes that Ukraine’s aspiration to become a NATO member should be perceived as a threat to the Russian Federation.

Russian President's Press Secretary: US supports Ukraine's NATO membership in order to threaten Russia

He stated this in an interview with the Izvestia TV channel. A spokesman for Vladimir Putin noted that the United States supports the desire of Ukrainians to join the Alliance and the European Union for the same reason.

“This is potentially very dangerous for us, because NATO will thus continue to move its military infrastructure towards our borders,” Peskov said.

Putin’s spokesman took part in the work of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). There he also spoke about the relationship between the United States and Ukraine. He stressed that Kiev and Washington are working together against Moscow.

During the visit of the Ukrainian delegation, the topic of Russia was repeatedly raised, but it happened all the time in a negative way. Thus, the countries once again confirmed that they are building relations not for their own development, but for the sake of fighting the Russian Federation


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