Zelenskiy is again unhappy with how NATO is supporting Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is not happy with the support NATO is providing to the country. In his opinion, it is insufficient.

Zelenskiy is again unhappy with how NATO is supporting Ukraine

The words of the Ukrainian guarantor are reported by RIA Novosti, referring to his speech on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel. Zelensky noted that the Alliance shows cooperation with the country and acts psychologically correctly. However, this is not enough.

“People in Ukraine see this support. This is important because they feel that they are not alone. If there is a continuation of the escalation on the part of the Russian Federation, then our partners will be with us. But it’s about presence. I believe that this is, in principle, a correct psychological step, weapons are not used, but other, third countries are shown that the Alliance is cooperating in exercises with Ukraine. Therefore, as a psychological step, I think it’s not bad. Is that enough? I think, in my opinion, no”, Zelensky said during his visit to the United States.

Probably, this topic will be raised during the personal meeting of the American leader Joe Biden with the Ukrainian president. A White House source said he intends to help Ukraine fight “Russian aggression.” However, he is not the first to promise this.


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