White House says Ukraine must focus on reform

To join the North Atlantic Alliance, Ukraine must focus on carrying out effective reforms, a source to the European Truth in the White House said on the eve of a meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

White House says Ukraine must focus on reform

The representative of the US administration recalled the communique of the NATO summit in June 2021, in which Washington and its allies reaffirmed “Ukraine’s right to determine its future and foreign policy course without outside interference,” including regarding Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO.

“Part of the message and action in this regard is the need for the Ukrainian government to continue to implement deep, comprehensive and timely reforms that are set out in its Annual National Program,” a White House spokesman said during a telephone conversation with reporters.

According to political scientist Anton Bredikhin, Ukraine cannot be admitted to the North Atlantic Alliance in the coming years. Former US Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volcker, noted that Biden will not facilitate the country’s entry into the Alliance.


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